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Club History






The Far from the MCC are a centrally based Oxford cricket team which began life back in 1998 under the different name of Jude the Obscure. There have been a couple of histories written chronicling the birth of the club – the first, a short and whimsical account written by founding member Ed Lester towards the end of 2004, and the second a short novel by Antony Mann entitled ‘Misremembered Days’. The latter, an excellent literary work summarising of a decade of tribulations both on and off the field formed the backbone of The MAD’s first ever book entitled ‘Not At This Level‘ – released during 2008 to commemorate the club’s first ten years in existence.


Links to both are provided below – and if you are interested in a copy of the original 148-page A5 paperback book, then you’re bang out of luck as they’ve all  (a) been sold  (b) been lost  (c) given away on Tour. Additionally you will also find a link to some verses penned by Mr A. Morley back in the day. A club regular who slipped in and out of the team whilst juggling extra strength lager and a quart of whisky, Andrew was an award winning poet and a character of seemingly limitless depth.


Other options at the top of this page include the Matches tab which lists every match played and associated scorecards and reports. Memorable matches are exactly that, with the Tour tab honouring everything MAD Tours, whilst lastly a small shrine can be located for certain MAD Tributes.












"Misremembered Days"  (by Antony Mann)









"A Brief History"  (by Ed Lester)









"Mad World"  (by Andrew Morley - Poet)







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