Far from the MCC

~ Est. in 1998 ~


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A group of baseball players standing on top of a grass covered field

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Exhibition of Batting Incompetence

Seasons 2019 Onwards….






An online page totally devoted to the exhibition, celebration and educational interpretation of classical batting incompetence performed and choreographed by the Far from the MCC. Please note there have been countless other examples since the team’s inception back in 1998, but unfortunately a camera wasn’t present to record the event (or events). Henceforth, here they be in chronological order….


Many thanks to all the artistic contributions, in particular James D. Hoskins, who always seems to be in the right place at the right time to capture the moment. Very odd. Very odd indeed….







The Newcastle Stare

- J. C. W. Hotson, Cublington v Cublington CC. 2019



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No stranger to an exhibit or ten, here Jake Hotson is being stared down by none other than Mike Ashley as the square leg umpire. Buckling under the pressure, the batsman is incapable of even a basic forward defensive.




The Invisible Bat

- J. C. W. Hotson, Harwell Campus v Harwell International CC. 2019



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No stranger to an exhibit or eleven, here Jake Hotson tries his luck with a square cut using the same bat as he always uses. Alas, it is the same bat which never seems to hit a ball.




Golden Times

- D. Shorten, Chittlehampton, North Devon v Erlestoke & Coulston CC. 2019



A baseball player pitching a ball on a field

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Not content with a Diamond performance at Stogumber on the Thursday evening of Tour, Dave Shorten quickly added some Gold to his ever-growing collection of precious stones and metal. Take note of the exemplary footwork as he shuffles about 3 inches in a direction unsubstantiated whilst analysing some rough turf.